About Us

Roddy Macaskill has 38 years of deer management and contract culling experience, having previously worked on private estates in a range of deer-related roles and since 1997 operated to the present day with Forest Enterprise Scotland culling deer on a contract basis. He recently passed a major milestone, having personally culled over 20,000 deer on behalf of clients. This achievement confirms his position as one of the most experienced and able contract deer stalkers in Europe.

Roddy has recently started this business due to an increasing demand for his services, and he now engages a network of self-employed contractors to work with him as required. They are all experienced stalkers on both open hill and woodland locations, with DSC2 certificates. Roddys team are very experienced, certified and equipped to the highest standard and operate to best practice guidelines.

  • A professional team of contractors
  • Fully trained and certified to the highest standards
  • Operate to Best Practice standard and SNH guidelines
  • Fully conversant with the deer laws of the UK
  • Politeness & professionalism while carrying out their duties
  • Fitness for work in remote areas
  • Experienced in both woodland & upland deer management
  • Experienced in out of season and night shooting operations
  • Operate with trained deer dogs
  • Operate safety systems & buddy system in lone working
  • Understanding of risk assessments & their operations
  • Produce high quality carcass for the food chain to full WVQAS standards
  • Accurate cull records will be kept and provided to owners.

Roddy has for many years worked in areas monitored by Strath Caulaidh Ltd using deer dung counts, and so he has developed a realistic and in-depth understanding of the degree of hard work needed to unequivocally reduce deer densities to an acceptable level for crop protection and natural regeneration. The system developed by SCL to quantify deer densities has been well tested by Roddy and his team, through culling over many years, and the team welcome this system’s ability to detect when the deer density in their work areas has reached the target needed.