Estate Wildlife and Educational Tours

Rottal Estate, Glen Clova

In July 2018 at a request from Dee Ward the owner of Rottal Estate, I spent a very enjoyable day with the Rogers family from England on Rottal Estate grouse moor and deer forest. The day was spent showing the guests the flora and fauna which is abundant on Rottal Estate.

During the course of the day we saw many of the upland bird species including red and black  grouse. One of the main highlights of the day was watching the golden eagles hunting and displaying high above Loch Wharral with the climax of this sighting ending with one of the eagles hunting and stooping on a brood of grouse in the corrie in front of us to the amazement of all members of the group.

Loch Wharral

We travelled by four wheel drive vehicles on the various estate hill roads and parked up on the high ground to have our lunch and again looking over miles and miles of Scottish mountains and moorland. We finished the day by travelling into what is known as the Kennel Burn and spied a large herd of red deer stags grazing in the corrie. Throughout the day as we travelled around the estate looking at the wildlife and wildflowers I explained how the Rottal Estate manages its upland areas for both sporting purposes and the habitat all of which come together to result in a stunning and healthy mountain environment.

At the end of the day I returned the guests to Rottal Farmhouse where they were staying for the period of their weeks holiday and the feedback from this trip was excellent. We are going to expand our estate wildlife and educational tours on both Rottal Estate and other interested estates.

One of our Argocats available for wildlife tours.

For those interested in wildlife, educational and photography tours, please contact me and I can arrange a fantastic bespoke tour for you and your friends and family.

We now also provide access to the more remote areas of various estates by the use of our Argocats. This is for groups of up to four people and allow us to reach otherwise very remote areas, this is particularly suited to people with limited mobility and also those wishing to go completely off the beaten track. It also allows access for photography and in particular wildlife photography not normally accessible to the general public. Please contact me for further details.

Rottal Estate, Rogers Party

Relaxing at Loch Wharral watching eagles hunt

Spying Red Hinds, Rottal Estate

Rottal Farmhouse, self catering

Rottal Farmhouse, self catering