Hill Ponies

This year, in the spring, I made the decision to purchase a new hill pony. This is part of my commitment to keeping the breed going and doing what they are meant to do. I have put her to an estate to gain valuable experience and although only six years old she is turning out to be a very capable deer pony and now successfully completed her first season on the stags and now operating with the hind cull. It is a pleasure to see the ponies working again and I look forward to potentially taking a foal off her in the future. The other reason I have started with the ponies again is our commitment to being able to cull with as low an environmental impact as possible.

She has now completed a very busy second season and turned into a very valuable member of the stalking team. Under the management of one of Scotland most experienced head stalkers with a lifetime of working with hill ponies, she will only get better year by year on very difficult terrain. It is my intention in 2020 to purchase another pony and bring it on in exactly the same way. There is no doubt in my mind while working in such sensitive environmental areas that the working deer pony is the most efficient and environmentally friendly method of extraction.