New Clients for 2019 onwards

South Affric looking West towards Kintail woodland corridor can be seen to the left of the river dissapearing into the distance.

We are pleased to be able to confirm we have five new clients have taken us on to assist with their deer management in various locations throughout Scotland. This will be on both the open hill and increasingly on low ground agricultural and forested areas for both commerical and also regeneration of natural heritage woodland. We are now involved with Fountain’s Forestry, Lumsden Forestry and Savills and look forward to long term working relationships with these aforementioned companies. We continue to work with Forest and Lands Scotland and Trees for Life in their aim to provide a corridor of trees from East to West through Glen Affric. The results from years of effort from myself and my team are clear to see if you were to walk through the Beautiful Glen Affric, this has only been achievable by many, many hours of dedicated deer control often in extreme weather conditions. To allow us to operate in such areas we have invested heavily in the latest ATV/Argocats and quads. We operate with the latest beadlock tyre systems which allow us to have the lowest possible ground footage whilst working in very sensitive areas i.e. SSI and NNR We also operate with tracks on our Argocats over the winter periods which allows us access even in times of deep snow to allow us to continue our deer management operations. I continue to ensure all team members are updated in all training as required and we have welcomed additional members to out team in 2019.

As we are aware the DMG’s throughout Scotland have submitted their completed plans to SNH and now awaiting the SNH report to the Scottish Government. Times are very much changing within the deer world and we look forward to hearing from those wishing to move forward with their deer management in the near future.

The main stag season is now about the begin and I wish everybody a sucessful and hopefully dry season.

Regeneration in Gobus heading out towards South Affric.

Regeneration and woodland expansion in Glen Na Ciche in South Affric.