Spring 2019 update

After a very sucessful season 2018 – 2019 we have now completed all our clients culls to their satisfaction and look forward to working with these various estates and clients again in the coming seasons. We have now been taken on by three new clients to manage their deer in various locations and we are expanding further into the private sector and other woodland management companies. Due to this expansion we have now taken on additional contract stalkers to cover the various localities and the contracting team is now up to ten fully experienced and equipped stalkers which allows us to cover all areas and circumstances.

Wild Boar damage in Ross - Shire

Wild Boar damage in Ross – Shire

We are now beginning to see wild boar / ferral pigs increasingly appearing in some of the areas we are operating in. We can see this now becoming a challenge for both land owners and ourselves to bring under control an example of the damage caused can be seen in this photo. This was done by only a couple of animals over a matter of days. Two of our team are both experienced with boar control so hopefully we can bring this to an end shortly.

For those estate and woodland managers now reviewing their coming season and deer management please feel free to contact us if you would like to engage our services or advice on your deer policies.