Spring Update 2020

We have already had a busy start to 2020 despite the fact that due to the Covid – 19 closed all gamedealers down for the for the last two months. However our main chosen game dealer Simpsons Game opened up to us on the 12th May and returned to collection services under very strict guidelines and since then my team has been flat out culling for our various clients throughout Scotland. This year due to the late planting of agricultural crops and then non shooting period we have been particularly busy in providing a quick response to old and new clients to resolve the problem of maurauding deer on food crops as well as protecting new re – stock sites. All culling operations are carried out following strict Covid – 19 risk assesments provided to us by Greens of Haddingtion or in house advisors.

We have been sucessful in winning major contracts within the public sector thus continuing our long term working relationship with FLS (Forest and Land Scotland).

Torrish Woodlands

Torrish woodlands have a strong desire to increase the species diversity in particular at the west end of the woodlands which stands out very prominently in the local landscape and in particular  for external views from the A897. This will be a long term project and we will provide support all the way through.

Harran Forest

We have completed the cull in the Harran forest to the complete satisfaction of our clients Fountains Forestry, and allowed them to move forward with their forest management plans. We look forward to a long term working relationship with Fountains Forestry over their various woodland projects.

Pityoulish Estate West.

We are pleased to have been chosen by the owners of this forest to assist them in moving the forest forward , they are going to revive the forest with many native species and increase the species diversity on the estate along with commercial woodland planting on the lower areas of the estate. We will provide long term support to allow them to achieve thier aspirations.

Lochdochart Estate.

We have been asked to return to Lochdochart Estate by the Christie family to continue to bring the hind population down allow the regeneration of the heathlands and upland areas of the estate and to protect agricultural and woodland interests.

It is very encouraging to see the private sector moving forward with their land management and woodland expansion throughout Scotland and we invite all parties interested in our services  to contact me direct to discuss their aspirations and requirements.

I wish everyone well and stay safe.